Our Mission

ADAutism’s mission is to help and support Autistic children throughout the world by utilizing Cardano (ADA). We accomplish our mission by running a best in class Cardano (ADA) stake pool and using a portion of those rewards to donate back and support causes that help Autistic children. It’s a triple-win for us, Cardano, and the Autism community. We hope this adventure takes us in directions we could never imagine and Cardano will be the reason those possibilities were ever possible.

Our Vision

ADAutism vision is to one day be part of a world that understands not only Autism but how it is caused and how to prevent it from ever happening. Furthermore, seeing how Cardano changed, impacted, and improved our way of life in every possible way.

Who We Are

I am full time father with a son and two step sons. The older step son is on the ASD spectrum. My family is my number one priority. My passion is technology and how it impacts and changes our everyday lives. Since I can remember new technologies and advancements have peeked my interest. Blockchain was no different. I published an article in AFCEA’s SIGNAL Magazine in 2018 titled “Disruptive by Design: Changing the World, One Blockchain at a Time“.

In 2017, I was introduced to Cardano by a good friend and since then have been investing and following their growth and implement through each phase of their roadmap. My eagerness to be part of it’s growth, long-term health, and liveness lead me to wanting to become a stake pool operator (SPO).

I thought about what kind of stake pool I could create and operate that would be something I personally wanted to work on, had to be something of value, and had to be something others would want to stake to. The result is ADAutism bringing together both what is important to my family and what is also important to other Cardano (ADA) holders, helping others. Through ADAutism, I can increase my Autism support for not only my step son, but for as many children as possible all while being part of Cardano’s growth and success.


If you have additional questions, we have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that we update regularly. If you still want more information or want to connect. Please reach out to us using the form below or through our Telegram using this link. We also welcome you to follow us on Twitter to keep up with our latest information as well as both Autism and Cardano.