Testnet Stake Pool (ADAUT)

Since the start of June 2022, we have been working hard in developing a best in class Cardano (ADA) stake pool on their Testnet. The good news, we are currently live! If you have made it this far, we want to thank you. This means you are interested in what we are doing and possibly asking yourself how you can help. Currently the only way to with testing is by delegating to our ADAutism Testnet stake pool [ADAUT]. You ask how? Well, see below.

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How to Stake to ADAUT Testnet Pool

If your interested in helping us test our stake pool on the Cardano testnet, we welcome it. The more the merrier. You can use the instructions below to help you along.

Step 1: Download and Install Daedalus Wallet for Testnet

To hold test ADA (tADA) it is important to have a Cardano wallet that supports the testnet and the native tokens. Furthermore, it is important to have a Cardano wallet that can see the Cardano Testnet Stake Pools. Through our research and testing we found the best wallet to do this is the Daedalus testnet wallet.

To download the Cardano testnet wallet please visit: https://testnets.cardano.org/en/testnets/cardano/get-started/wallet/

Important: Daedalus testnet wallet requires 16GB of system memory to run. If you do not have 16GB of system memory, you will not be able to install, run, or sync the Cardano blockchain.

One you have downloaded the correct version for your operating system. Install Daedalus testnet wallet by following the directions provided by Cardano or the instructions presented during installation.

Step 2: Create Wallet on Daedalus Wallet for Testnet

Step 3: Get Test ADA (tADA) from Cardano Testnet Faucet

We know of two ways, as of this writing, on how to get test ADA (tADA). The first way is to have someone send you test ADA (tADA) to your Daedalus wallet for testnet. If you need some, we don’t mind sending some. Just reach out to use through one of the methods on our contact page.

The second and recommended way is to get it from the Cardano testnet faucet. The Cardano testnet faucet is a service that provides test ADA (tADA) to Cardano testnet users. These tokens have no value, but they enable users to experiment with Cardano testnet features without spending real ADA. You can use test ada (tADA) to mint native tokens, to play around with Cardano wallets or to learn how to operate a stake pool.

To get your test ADA (tADA) visit: https://developers.cardano.org/docs/integrate-cardano/testnet-faucet/


  1. There is a 500 tADA daily limit from Cardano testnet faucet. To get more than 500 tADA you will need to wait 24hrs.
  2. Once your done with testing on the Cardano testnet, it is requested to send yours back to Cardano using the below address.
Send your test tokens to this address: addr_test1qqr585tvlc7ylnqvz8pyqwauzrdu0mxag3m7q56grgmgu7sxu2hyfhlkwuxupa9d5085eunq2qywy7hvmvej456flknswgndm3
Step 4: Stake to ADAutism [ADAUT] Testnet Pool

Step 5: Claim Test ADA (tADA) Rewards

Coming Soon…

Testnet Blockchain Explorers

There are few ways to see how the pool is doing. The main method is to use public block explorers such as Cardanoscan (Testnet), Cexplorer.io (Test), or Cardano Testnet Explorer. We want to make it easy on you, so please use the buttons below to see our ADAutism [ADAUT] Test Pool on each public block explorer.

Monitoring: Grafana Dashboard

A popular way to monitor your stake pool is by using a Grafana server. This tool monitors and give you real time data on your pool on both relay and BPN. Like how many connections does the relay and BPN have, memory usage, disk usage, and so much more. You can even setup alerts for different thresholds on the metrics being presented.

We want our community involved and if you want to log in, let us know. Use one of the contact methods on our Contact page. If you happen to find an issue or provide a suggestion that we implement, we will deliver a special thank you to you for helping us.

Link to our server: Grafana (adautism.io)

Image is of ADAutism Grafana Server monitoring ADAUT on Cardano Testnet
Image is of ADAutism Grafana Server monitoring ADAUT on Cardano Testnet